What people think about ProcDOT. This section is dedicated to all those great people out there supporting ProcDOT in spreading “the word”. Thank you! Note: If you also mentioned ProcDOT in any way and want to be listed here, please drop me a line with the according link(s). Fully dedicated articles, reviews, posts ... Russ McRee dedicates 2013 June’s toolsmith article to ProcDOT. [Link] [PDF] Pablo Ramos, security researcher at ESET reviews ProcDOT in their technical blog (Spanish!). [Link] Some wiki page on aLDeID about ProcDOT and how to use it. [Link] SystemExposed reviews ProcDOT in his/her technical blog (Spanish!). [Link] COUNT UPON SECURITY reviews ProcDOT as a part of REMnux. [Link] Pavel Bašta (CZ.NIC) blogs about ProcDOT. [Link] Blog posts, use/show cases, short references ... Russ McRee in his role as one of SANS’ incident handlers mentions ProcDOT in his according diary. [Link] LogRhythm Labs Advanced R & D analyzing a Betabot variant using ProcDOT. [Link] Sébastien Damaye, A small post about ProcDOT further linking to the mentioned wiki page on aLDeID. [Link] Information Technology Information Magazine mentions ProcDOT. [Link] p4r4n0id mentions ProcDOT on KernelMode.info. [Link] Chris John Riley mentions ProcDOT in his blog. [Link] ProcDOT gets mentioned on elhacker.net’s forum by moderator karmany (Spanish!). [Link] ProcDOT gets mentioned along with Noriben on Wilders Security Forums. [Link] Michael Boman mentions ProcDOT as an inspiration for his further work on call graphing. [Link] Corey Harrel mentiones ProcDOT along with other forensic/malware analysis tools on journeyintoir blog. [Link] CyberOperations blogs about “SSH, File Servers, Operational Awareness” and gives a quick summary about ProcDOT. [Link] COUNT UPON SECURITY blogs about recent attacks using malicious Office documents and uses ProcDOT to do the analysis. [Link] Ran2 via espionageware@blogspot discusses some (re-)tools and their usage and benefits mentioning ProcDOT. [Link] 909 via 909research analyzes PlugX malware using/mentioning ProcDOT. [Link] Bart Blaze blogs about yet another ransomware variant using ProcDOT. [Link] Marion Marschalek talks/writes (slidedeck!) about “Small Data Analysis” at RSA conference 2014 (Asia Pacific & Japan) featuring ProcDOT. [PDF] Karel Nykles talks/writes (slidedeck!) about malware analysis and according tools mentioning ProcDOT (Czech!). [PDF] OSSIR - Groupe Paris talks/writes (slidedeck!) about IT security news mentioning ProcDOT (French!). [PDF] Andrew Dove (Airbus Cyber Security) blogs about behavioural analyzing Kofter using ProcDOT. [Link] Malware-Analyzer.com mentiones/lists ProcDOT. [Link] haloforensics.com blogs about REMnux mentioning ProcDOT. [Link] myexperimentswithmalware blogs about “Dumping a RAT” mentioning ProcDOT. [Link] Danielle Eve gives a small introduction to malware reverse engineering mentioning, explaining, and using ProcDOT multiple times. [Link] [Link] Specials ... ProcDOT is part of Lenny Zeltser’s Linux distribution for reverse engineering and malware analysis “REMnux”. [Link] ProcDOT is officially mentioned in SANS reverse engineering and malware analysis course (Thx Lenny!).
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ProcDOT - Visual Malware Analysis
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